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The Cafro Agency crafts group health plans for small companies like yours in the greater Norwich area. We are a local company with decades of experience preparing health insurance benefits packages. The Cafro Agency will prepare a package with the coverages you need at rates you can live with. The Cafro team is committed to your satisfaction and provides the customer service you expect. In the insurance industry, the Agent you choose is important. Trust that we will choose the most cost effective plan for your particular group, and the plan we choose is qualified for the Affordable Care Act and Medicare purposes. The Cafro Agency employees are dedicated to serving the objectives and needs of both your company and your employees. Rest assured that all of your employees’ medical providers are in your network. The Cafro Agency negotiates great life, disability, dental and vision plans and rates.

When you select your benefits package through The Cafro Agency, you have an experienced team on your side. Our agents are prepared to advise you on any questions you may have, from the Affordable Care Act to Medicare. We are happy to take calls from your employees to address questions and concerns they may have regarding their coverage. We maintain an employer web portal to keep all of your benefits information in one place, including forms. Our staff will explain what your plan should and should not pay for. We answer claim questions and solve claim issues for you. When your plan comes up for renewal, we shop your insurance EVERY year, without asking, so you don’t have to. If you are an employer in Connecticut with one to two-hundred-fifty employees, the Cafro Agency will show you ways to reduce the cost of your benefits package. Call 860-779-DAVE today.

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