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Group Insurance for Connecticut

The Cafro Agency provides Business Group Health Insurance in Connecticut. Our goal is to offer your employees the best insurance coverage and make it affordable. If your small business has 2 to 250 employees, then Cafro Agency can show you ways for your business to save money. Choosing the right insurance plan can seem overwhelming, so we offer your Group Health Insurance the best options.

Running a business is never easy; we will help you make the right decision for your company. We have developed creative ideas to reduce costs while maintaining benefits that your employees will appreciate.

At the Cafro Agency, you never have to worry about claim issues. We answer all questions you or your employees may have about insurance coverage. We are always happy to solve any problems you or your employees may have about a claim. So with talk of health care reform, how will Small Employer Benefits packages be affected? For this and other questions about your obligations as an employer, call the Cafro Agency. We will unravel your confusion about employee group benefits, healthcare coverage, and costs. Call us today for a consultation.



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