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The Cafro Agency is a Group Health Insurance Agency in Windham County CT. We find the best insurance coverage and benefits for your small business. If you are an employer in Connecticut, have from one to two hundred fifty employees, we can show you ways to reduce the cost of your benefits packages. We shop your insurance plans every year to ensure you pay the lowest rates possible.

At the Cafro Agency, you never have to worry about claim issues. We answer all questions you or your employees may have about insurance coverage. We are always happy to solve any issues you or your employees may have about a claim. So with talk of health care reform, how are Small Employer Benefits packages going to be affected? For this and other questions pertaining to your obligations as an employer, call the Cafro Agency. We will unravel the confusion you may have about employee group benefits, health care coverage, and your costs. Call 860-779-DAVE for a consultation.


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